Deactivate Autostarts completely – this is how it works's done

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How to deactivate the autostart programs completely, you can read in this practical tip.

How to completely disable the autostart programs, read this practical tip.

Windows – Completely remove autostart programs via regedit

In Windows 7, go to the Windows logo on the bottom left and type “regedit” (without quotes) in the search box. Click on the program you find. On Windows 8, type “regedit” in the app menu and also select the program found.

  1. In the left display, click on “HKEY_CURRENT_USER” -> “Software” -> “Microsoft” -> “Windows” -> “Current Version” and then click on “Run”.
  2. In the right display you will see Autostart programs.
  3. Right-click on a program’s entry and click “Delete”.
  4. Confirm by clicking “Yes”.

Windows – Manage startup programs with msconfig

If you search for “msconfig” instead of “regedit” and click on the found program, you can also manage your autostart programs.

  1. Under the “Startup” tab, uncheck the boxes next to the programs you do not want to run at system startup.
  2. Save the changes via “OK”.

Video tutorial: Windows 7 – Log on user automatically

Deactivate Autostarts completely - this is how it works's done

If only you have access to your computer, you can disable the password prompt at login. In our video we show you how to do it.By the way, you can also turn off sending problem and error reports to Microsoft in Windows.

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